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Aluminum Wristwatches


Movement: Swiss ETA (quartz), 5 jewels
Case and Dial: Aluminum
Crystals: 2X Mineral
Bracelet: Hirsh 2 tone stainless

Physical Dimensions

5 Millimeter overall thickness
35 Millimeter diameter


These prototypes were developed after 8 months of research and development. The objective of the project was to design a wristwatch made entirely of aluminum (not including movement and crystal). Aluminum wristwatches have long been considered inadaquit as durable timepieces for a number of reasons. I have tackled many of these issues of concern and provided some unique solutions with this pair of prototypes.
Currently there are very few watch manufacturers that offer aluminum case timepieces. Although Swatch have one in their line of products, most watches made of this soft material retail in the range of $10.00-$80.00. With a high-end Swiss made movement and a design that invokes integrity and a no-nonsense theme, these wristwatches would typically compete commercially with brands such as Omega, Rado and Longines.


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